Ward Downtown YMCA

Term: Members serve for a term of three years and may be re-elected one successive term, one year gap before service again. Official terms begin on January 1st nearest to joining the board.

Role of the Board of Managers: The Board of Managers is the body to which the governing board of the Ozarks Regional YMCA (ORYMCA) has delegated a measure of responsibility and authority to develop and advise the organization in the Springfield area. The Board of Managers is charged to carry on its work in a manner consistent with the general purposes and objectives of the YMCA and the policies and operating procedure established by the governing board of the ORYMCA.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Actively support the achievement of branch goals.
  • Elect a chairperson, appoint committees/task forces and recruit volunteers with clearly defined responsibilities related to annual goal achievement.
  • Within ORYMCA guidelines, support, through active involvement of its members, fundraising efforts required for financial stability and growth of the YMCA.
  • Protect, maintain and monitor the property, facilities and equipment entrusted to the branch, all of which is owned and authorized for use by the ORYMCA Board of Directors.
  • Understand and assist the Branch Executives in implementing corporate policies.
  • Maintain linkage with the governing board through the Board of Managers Chairperson.
  • Advise and support staff in their on-going efforts to maintain an effective operation.

Personal Attributes:

  • Exemplify the core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility and be a respected citizen by colleagues and the community.
  • Commitment to the YMCA mission and impact.
  • Breadth of understanding a respect of viewpoints of others. • Willing to state one’s convictions and equally willing to accept the majority decision when in conflict with one’s own stand.
  • Interest in the objectives and programs of the organization.
  • Deal openly and directly with the branch executive directors and other board members when pleased and displeased.

Intended End Result: The Board of Managers is a recognized and highly regarded volunteer leadership opportunity in the community. The Board of Managers performs as a team.

  • The Board of Managers individual attendance is 70% or greater. (There are 10 meetings per year).
  • The YMCA’s image and impact is enhanced.
  • 100% of the board participates in and contributes to the annual fundraising campaign.
  • YMCA membership is strongly encouraged for board members.
  • The resources of the YMCA continue to expand in an effort to more effectively serve the community as a whole.

How to Apply: Please complete the board application and email it along with a resume and statement of interest to kscott@orymca.org or drop it off at the Downtown YMCA at 417 South Jefferson Avenue, Springfield, MO.

**Please let us know if you submit an application and/or get appointed to this board.