SPEAK Up Springfield

Board Opportunity

SPEAK UP (Suicide Prevention Education Awareness for Kids United as Partners) is a not for profit charitable foundation that provides education and raises awareness about mental illness and suicide.

The organization was founded in 2015 by two families in Kansas City that both suffered the devastating loss of a child to suicide. Missouri has one of the highest rates of suicide in the nation. In 2017, Greene County had 72 reported suicides. In 2018, a Greene County survey of teens showed that more than 29% of Greene County students report being very sad, 18.5% report feeling hopeless about the future, and 18.2% seriously considered suicide In the past year.

Our mission is to bridge gaps between our community, schools, and parents by encouraging conversations, providing parents with information on how to identify warning signs and offer resources for a child at risk. We work to end the stigma associated with mental illness and suicide. We provide funds for a teen-led positive mental health campaign in the schools. We want to reach teens with a positive message of self-worth. We work to help them identify if they are having more serious struggles and to reach out for help.

This will be a broad based board that includes local individuals with business expertise, marketing experience, technology expertise, health practitioners, etc. We want members who have a strong knowledge and experience base suitable for guiding the organization in working toward accomplishing its mission.

Requirements: SPEAK UP is currently seeking to fill board positions on a non profit working board with those who are interested and care about our mission. Members will be expected to attend monthly meetings and scheduled events. Ideal candidates should contribute financially in the form of securing sponsorships and/or donations. Committee participation is encouraged.

Meeting times: Second Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

How to Apply: Individuals interested in applying or learning more information are encouraged to contact Kathy Rigger at kathyrigger@gmail.com or 417.872.9849.

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**Please let us know if you submit an application and/or get appointed to this board.