Film & Media Association of Springfield

Board Opportunity

The new Film & Media Association of Springfield is currently looking to fill two board positions. The goal of this non-profit board is to help unify, educate and inspire the film and media industry of the Springfield area.

The organization is looking for business professionals who work in a field that is primarily NOT film production. Ideal candidates will have a love for Springfield, the media arts and media arts education.

Meeting Time and Location:
Currently the group meets on the third Monday of each month. Meeting times will likely change in the future.

How to apply?
Please provide Jonna Volz with a summary of your profession, links to or copies of your resume, as well as any community work or boards you have served on currently or in the past.

Additional Info:
We'd love to know why you are interested in our board, and if you have any specific strengths that could be applied toward a committee. Bylaws are below for your review.

Film & Media Association of Springfield Bylaws

**Please let us know if you submit an application and/or get appointed to this board.