Borrow My Angel

Board Opportunity

Borrow My Angel is a local organization focused on suicide prevention. Borrow My Angel embodies a vision that celebrates the power of a listening ear and an open heart. Our goal is to mobilize an army of volunteers who are willing to simply be a friend, a non-judgmental voice who offers an ear, a pathway to hope and recovery, and resources for guidance to those that are struggling with mental illness, depression or suicidal thoughts when they need it the most.

The organization is currently working to develop an app using technology similar to Uber that will send out an "Angel Beacon" at the touch of a button from those needing help. That beacon will then connect someone needing to "Borrow An Angel" with one of our volunteers for a completely anonymous encounter via phone call or instant messenger through the app. Our "Angels" volunteers will lend an ear, be a friend in that moment, and help guide those in need to seek professional help and guidance.

Mission Statement: Helping anyone affected by depression and suicidal crisis find strength and hope through online connection & resources.

Borrow My Angel is particularly interested in board members with experience in the following fields:

  • Legal

  • Mental Health/Health Services

  • Information Technology/Web Development

  • Non-Profit Leadership/Fundraising

Meeting times: The Board meets on the second Friday of each month at 12:00 p.m. Meetings are held at Volt Credit Union, located at 815 W. Tampa in Springfield, MO. Additional sub-committees may meet as needed in addition to monthly Board meetings.

How to Apply: Individuals interested in applying or learning more information are encouraged to download the Board application form.

**Please let us know if you submit an application and/or get appointed to this board.